Faceup Cymru has a range of objectives to help people in need and make their lives more comfortable


  • To provide specialist equipment for head and neck patients, i.e communication aids etc
  • ¬†Funding a Face up Cymru dedicated :-

– Physiotherapist

– Social worker

-Clinical nurse specialising in wound care

Long term financing objective – Providing a meeting place;

Refreshment area; Social gathering space; Confidentiality rooms;

Patient self-help groups :-

Confidence building; Coping strategies; Target setting; Coping with disfigurement; Sharing; Patients’ forum

Support services

Coping strategies; Counselling; providing support; providing encouragement; Establish locality Support Groups

Advice services

Recreational and educational opportunities

Trips; Visits; Concerts; Sport; Information services; Enabling learning opportunities


Aromatherapy; Reflexology; Hypnotherapy

Empowering supporters of FaceupCymru

By providing volunteering opportunities; Encouraging fund-raising; Supporting activities; Promoting their work and efforts; Newsletters; Fund raising; Donations; Bequests

Forming new partnerships and developing existing links

University of Wales Hospital, Cardiff; Health Authorities; Local Authorities; S E Wales Cancer Network and participants; Velindre Hospital; SE Wales hospitals

Fund Raising

Encouraging and enabling fund raising activities in order to provide and maintain client services

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