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Facing up to head and neck cancer together.

We're here to offer you our experience, help, friendship and to support you.



We wish to provide opportunities for patients, their families, trustees, staff, volunteers and friends to share in, and sustain, the main aims of the charity

faceupcymru wishes to work with people whose needs and wants are diverse and many

  • We understand that patients who have head, neck or oral cancer require a great deal of support from friends and family but also from others who have experienced similar trauma.
  • Families and friends of patients are also affected and we not only also recognize the needs of patients but also the needs of helpers and supporters.
  • A necessary part of the work of faceupcymru is ‘supporting the supporters’

faceupcymru aims to actively recruit and encourage new members to participate in the work of the charity
faceupcymru wishes to keep its supporters informed of developments and is keen to develop partnerships in order to provide and maintain services
faceupcymru aims to promote an environment that is progressive, innovative and responsive
faceupcymru aims to secure the highest possible levels of service and be outgoing, dynamic and developmental
faceupcymru undertakes small scale research projects inviting users of the service to comment and suggest what services they would like to see provided. Research results influences faceupcymru in next-step development