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Mike Fardy 2.6 Challenge

As you know, the Geraint Thomas challenge was  duplicating a 12 hr shift  -he did it in one day !!   then duplicated this over 3 days.

There was more chance of snow freezing in hell than of me doing the same so I decided that as I could do a cycle marathon – 26 miles { 41.6 km]  in about 2 hrs ish, I would do a cycle marathon- so I first did 6 to duplicate one shift but then as part of the 2.6 challenge , as there was no London Marathon, I increased this in a moment of recklessness , so I am now doing 10 consecutive to fit in with this challenge and will add on 2 more so at the end I will have duplicated in my own way the time in the saddle of the great man – all for Face up Cymru

So it works out as one cycle marathon – 26 miles [ 41.6 km ]  each day over 18 days –  total 18  and hopefully if my rear will survive I will finish this a week today !!!

All the monies raised goes directly and totally to Face up

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Diolch yn fawr