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aims of faceup cymru

We wish to work with people whose needs and wants are diverse and many. We understand that cancer doesn't just affect the patient but their family and friends as well. Together we want to promote an environment that is progressive, innovative and responsive.

faceup cymru’s objective

Our objective is to help people in need with the support they need and make their lives more comfortable. Providing a range of support systems, including coping strategies, counselling, recreational and educational opportunities and helping those who require our support 100%

highly specialised support

We understand that patients who have head, neck or oral cancer require a great deal of support from friends and family but also from others who have experienced similar trauma. We have a team that specialise in making sure we are on hand to help wherever we can.

our story

Faceup Cymru - the head, neck and oral foundation - wishes to provide opportunities for patients, trustees, staff, volunteers and friends to share in, sustain, the main aims of the charity. Faceup Cymru wishes to work with people whose needs and wants are diverse and many.

South-East Wales has some of the poorest communities in Europe and with double the UK average for incidences of head, neck and oral cancer, and it is getting worse, with men and women of all ages at risk. That is why faceupcymru's other role - warning of the need to spot the disease early - is so important. If you would like us to visit your organization to give a talk on our work then please contact us

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