Elaine Palfrey RIP

It is with great sadness, that I have to announce that our dear friend Elaine passed away peacefully at home this morning- 25th March.

I have had the privilege of knowing Elaine since November 2008 when she became my patient , but quickly she became a valued friend.  Her trips to the clinic were always eagerly anticipated – yes to see her and give her a hug but also to look forward to the large amount of Kit Kat; chocolate rolls and biscuits she would bring and I really had to explain to the staff that really she did not need to comeback every month for review !!!!

She was always interested in everyone and was unbelievably generous in cards and gifts be it birthdays or Xmas or births – she was always there.  We became particularly close when I bred pigs and would regularly look to get pork and sausages for family and friends !!

Face up Cymru – the Head and Neck cancer charity has  so benefited from her support. Be it fund raising in skittles or shaking a donation tin in M& S when we did our sponsored bike ride, she was a great supporter and her and her friend Chris would always be there to support us to help everyone. It is a great pity that this ethic is not present in a lot of people.

The charity has gone through some tough times, with individuals having different agendas but Elaine was always rock solid in her total support and for that I/ we are eternally grateful.

Over the last 3 years , when she became aware the cancer had recurred, she approached this in her normal accepting manner.  What to be is to be.  She bore all her problems superbly.  Eating was a problem but it never got on top of her- she could always drink through her straw!!

She remains a model for us all to look up to.

Elaine Palfrey was first a patient I treated in 2008 but became a dear close friend and will always remain one of my closest friends who I will miss enormously.  My thoughts are with Roy her husband and Chris her closest friend.

Take care and I miss you

Mike Fardy


Elaine's birthday

London Marathon 2021- Sunday 3rd October.

Hope you are all well.  It appears that this year we will  have a  London Marathon.  This will take place on Sunday 3rd October.

I am pleased to report that our trustee John Vlahos has managed to obtain an additional  place in the race so if anyone would like to enter , please contact either John or myself and we can discuss the details i.e the minimum requirement to fund raise.      Please let me know.

If more than one person would like to take part , depending on the COVID situation , we plan on organising a series of events on the day to simulate the marathon :

  •  Row 26 miles
  •  Run 26 miles
  •  Cycle 26 miles

If you are interested please let me know

Stay safe and well and if you know any patients who need our help – either mental or physical support then please let me know

Mike Fardy

Charity Donation

Face up would like to acknowledge the generous donation of £300 from Mr Phillip Morgan.  In these COVID times, this is an outstanding example of selfless generosity and we are extremely grateful to him for this and he can be assured that it will be used for the benefit of our patients

Diolch yn fawr iawn.