Mike Fardy 2.6 Challenge

As you know, the Geraint Thomas challenge was  duplicating a 12 hr shift  -he did it in one day !!   then duplicated this over 3 days.

There was more chance of snow freezing in hell than of me doing the same so I decided that as I could do a cycle marathon – 26 miles { 41.6 km]  in about 2 hrs ish, I would do a cycle marathon- so I first did 6 to duplicate one shift but then as part of the 2.6 challenge , as there was no London Marathon, I increased this in a moment of recklessness , so I am now doing 10 consecutive to fit in with this challenge and will add on 2 more so at the end I will have duplicated in my own way the time in the saddle of the great man – all for Face up Cymru

So it works out as one cycle marathon – 26 miles [ 41.6 km ]  each day over 18 days –  total 18  and hopefully if my rear will survive I will finish this a week today !!!

All the monies raised goes directly and totally to Face up

Please see the Just giving website link –


and pass it to all friends etc or if you would like to donate then see the button above

Any problems please get in touch- as for Elaine we are always there 24/7 for you

Diolch yn fawr

Elaine Palfrey’s birthday

Elaine's birthday

Elaine is one of our patients who I first met a few years ago – June 2005  !!!! She has been a stalwart supporter of faceup Cymru- always at our events and a passionate participant at our support group meetings.

She recently contacted us due to some problems she was having and we immediately got back to her with advice and support

29th April was her birthday so on behalf of us all at Faceup Cymru , we would like to say Penblwydd Hapus and I was able to see her – with social distancing and give her a bouquet from us all.

Take care and we will all catch up soon

Please remember we are always there for you  24 /7 so get in touch if needed

Face Cymru

All monies raised are solely and totally used for patient care and welfare

London marathon 2020

As you probably realize this is not going to take place this year so rather than nothing happening I will cycle the marathon distance for face up.
I’m currently doing a marathon a day so while I feel silly !!! I will do another on the 26th April for face up.
Your support would be tremendous

Cycling with Geraint

Face up Cymru is a charity I set up over 15 years ago to provide support to head and neck cancer patients. We don’t have the pull of other major cancer charities but we raise money to directly help. We have funded a dietician as well as two speech therapists. Also we have funded a dietetic assistant who goes around the ward making milk shakes. Patients love her rounds !! We have also bought equipment eg food blender. Lollipop maker – fantastic for patients who have such oral problems. You will know where your money is going. Please help us to help them.  To raise awareness and funds I’ve  walked up Kilimanjaro, then there was the Velothon and now one 2 hr stage on the turbo trainer around London – the saddle area is really sore so am looking forward to New York trailing well behind Geraint Thomas !! 

As I didn’t make the first day of GT ride will do another marathon tomorrow ( Saturday) 

Tuesday will do another 

Then Thursday doing another jointly with Marie curie and my good friend Mark Lewis    

Finally as there is no official London Marathon I’m doing the London course on Sunday. 

So as Geraint Thomas – I will duplicate a 12 hr shift by doing 6 marathons- not as good as GT but doing my best. 

Help me to help our cancer patients

please donate however small.
diolch yn fawr