Faceup Cymru Halloween Bash big success!! Thank you to all who organised and attended it

The Penarth Conservative club had a very successful Faceup Cymru Halloween Bash back on the 31st October, which had a live band and DJ.  Thanks to all the hard work of Jean and Nigel Cridland the night was a great success. We are so grateful to the Penarth Conservative Club for all their generosity in hosting this successful event, especially to Kay Guy and her colleagues. We would also like to give a big thank you to Aileen and Alwyn Bush who have helped make it such a memorable occasion.  It was great to see the event was well attended particularly by members of the Faceup Cymru Support Group with family and friends. The money raised will hopefully go to helping and supporting more patients going through head and neck cancer treatment and post treatment.
The Conservative club have not received all of the money yet, however at present the total amount is £1130, what a fantastic result.
We look forward to plenty more events like this, in the future.
Here are a few photos of the night, which shows that fun was had by all……..
Halloween 2
Halloween 3
Halloween 1
Halloween 4